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    Blow bubbles to another sky

    Air on Air is an online participatory installation that sends your breath via the Internet to blow bubbles in remote locations. When you visit the website and blow into your microphone, you can send bubbles into the foreign sky. In times when traveling is restricted and physical distancing is required, this work enables the audience to access distant places with a sense of physicality and recognize the invisible existence of air and space through the floating bubbles.

    How to Participate

    Step1 Preparation:
    In order to detect your breath, this work will need to receive audio from the microphone of your PC or smartphone. Please refer to the following link for the
    We recommend that you check the position of the microphone on your device in advance in order to use it properly. To test your microphone, please visit the Mic Test page below (iOS Chrome is not supported for this piece. Please use other browsers.).

    Step 2 Participation:
    During the exhibition, up to 2 devices will be installed. To participate in Air on Air, select a device from the Play menu below. Once connected, the experience will last for up to 30 seconds.


    During SCHOOL OF THE FUTURE -OPEN STUDIO- "FUTURE PICNIC Exhibition" -Our New Commons-, you can access the skies in Tokyo/Japan.

    The dates and times of this exhibition are as follows:
    11am-9pm JST (UTC+9) , Oct 15 (fri) - Nov.3 (wed), 2021

    We might have a temporary closure in case of bad weather (wind, rain, etc.)


    Artists: Yasuaki Kakehi, Daisuke Akatsuka, Juri Fujii, Yoshimori Yoshikawa, Joung Min Han
    Graphic Design: Wataru Date
    ©2020 Yasuaki KAKEHI Laboratory, The University of Tokyo. |

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    Make sure the microphone is working and practice blowing on it.

    1. In your browser, please allow this website to use your microphone.
    2. Locate the microphone on your device (smartphone, PC, earphones, etc.). If you are not sure, try locating it by following the steps below.
    3. Try blowing on the microphone. As long as you are close to the microphone, the website will be able to detect your breath even if you are wearing a mask.
    4. If the indicator responds to your breath, you are ready to go!

    • It may be difficult to detect your breath if you are in a noisy environment. In this case, please try moving to a quieter place.
    • If the indicator doesn't respond to your breath, it may respond to the sound of your voice.

    Blow into your microphone.


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